The Chris Hope Foundation’s TeamHOPE is a group dedicated to raising funds for ill children and the hospitals that serve them. The team is made up of over 100 members from all corners of the country and we are always welcoming others to join us. TeamHOPE proudly averages $110,000 each year through unique fundraising events and engaging campaigns. The group of dedicated crusaders also participate in runs benefitting the cause throughout the year all in the name of raising awareness of pediatric cancer and finding a cure.


Summer Santa is designed to extend the spirit of giving and overwhelming joy associated with the holiday season before Santa officially makes his arrival in December. Each year, this program is set up in one of our hospital affiliates and ill children have the opportunity to choose items to keep as a token of hope and love from the Chris Hope Foundation. The items up for grabs never fail to bring the brightest of smiles to the faces of those experiencing some of the darkest of times. Summer Santa is made possible by the generosity of a number of sponsors, philanthropic organizations, and donations. 

Ray of Hope was created with the idea of providing a light to those currently undergoing treatment pediatric cancer and those who have recently completed their treatment plan. The Chris Hope Foundation knows that getting the best medical care for a child can be financially draining and oftentimes leaves little to no room for extras such as iPads, strollers, wagons, and Amazon gift cards. That's where this program steps in and provides these wishlist items for the children whenever possible!

Most recently, patients and their siblings at the Target House had the opportunity to choose as many as five items to keep. Board games, art kits, dolls, and race cars were just a few of the toys up for grabs. Just as the program's name suggests, this opportunity of giving, along with the many others that have come before it, has shined a ray of hope into the lives of hundreds and we are just getting started.

The Chris Hope Foundation is proud to offer an array of programs that serve our affiliated children's hospitals and cancer centers. Each program takes a unique approach to serve those facing the radical effects that occur after a child is diagnosed with a life-threatening illness. At the end of the day, no matter what division we are catering to, we still hold true to our mission of doing all that we do in the name of love and hope. Go ahead, take a look around and learn more about what we do here at CHF!


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four programs, one mission.

lylah grey's ray of hope

giving hope scholarship

The diagnosis of childhood cancer can change the trajectory of a patient’s future even several years after entering remission. After spending time with teens facing the disease and survivors, the Chris Hope Foundation saw firsthand how scholarships once offered to patients prior to their diagnoses were lost due to factors beyond their control, such as a late start after treatment.

Additionally, even for those who had not yet met the requirement to apply for scholarships, some are left with little to no funds to achieve their postsecondary education following medical expenses. In 2018, we created the Giving Hope Scholarship to help teens who have had or are currently battling pediatric cancer. We are thrilled to make this an annual gift to those selected by our board following the application process. To apply or learn more, visit the page titled “Giving Hope Scholarship Application” under the “Programs” tab here on our site.