Families with sick children are burdened enough.

Gifts to the Chris Hope Foundation help us help them with household expenses that don’t stop when treatment starts.


Our mission is to help families fill the household financial gaps they are left with when 100% of their attention and hope is unexpectedly redirected to helping their child fight life-threatening childhood illness. We do this by giving monetary gifts and other support that help them in their personal lives while their child is in treatment.


This is the heartwarming story behind the creation of the Chris Hope Foundation and how the families we support inspire us every day. “You can’t help but want to give all you have to put a smile on their face, to be their light of joy and take away the pain they’re going through.”

Read more about our founder, Christopher B. Hope.


CHF Family Moments


“We will be traveling to Memphis every 21 days for a while. Afterwards, every two weeks for the next 24 months. Yes. Two. Whole. Years.”

This is the reality for many families battling serious childhood illnesses. Our Memphis hospitals do an amazing job in providing for the children’s medical treatment and in meeting most housing needs while in Memphis, but families still face challenging financial gaps.

That’s why we’re here.


Ready to Help?

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