Treating Our Families to a Home Game Experience

Can you imagine how much emotional burden families face when one of their children is diagnosed with a life-threatening childhood illness? Of course, the patient’s suffering is immense. But, siblings, moms, dads, and other family members also live through the stress, uncertainty, and disruption to regular life along with their loved one.

Part of our mission at the Chris Hope Foundation is to provide gifts and positive experiences to families when they are in Memphis for their child’s treatment. These gifts are made possible by the generous giving of our donors — so, THANK YOU to the donors who have helped fund these two family experiences this week!

The Grizzlies Bring Joy in the Final Days


On Thursday, October 24, the foundation received a request from one of our partner social workers: a child receiving cancer treatment in Memphis had reached the final days of his life. His brother is in town from overseas. Despite the toll cancer has taken, the child is still able to leave the hospital and participate in public events. He badly wanted to go to a Grizzlies game with his mom and brother. We were able to get the family box seats to Friday night’s game against the Brooklyn Nets, which the Grizzlies won in overtime.

The box provided the perfect accomodations for the family and the child’s wheelchair!

In addition to the tickets, CHF volunteers went to FedexForum with a welcome basket and purchased Grizzlies merchandise for the family to elevate their excitement. We were so honored to share this special moment with this CHF family!


U of M Game Tickets for the ESPN Gameday Visit to Memphis

When Memphis got the great news this week that ESPN’s College Gameday show is coming to Memphis on Saturday, November 2, we were excited. And we knew CHF families would be, too!

We purchased 15 tickets for the U of M Tigers game against SMU and put the word out to our social-worker network. Sure enough, families who are here in Memphis for treatment wanted to see the Tigers in action and are claiming the tickets for their enjoyment!

U of M Tigers ESPN Gameday Tickets.jpeg