Helping  hands.  Giving  HOPE

The Chris Hope Foundation, (CHF) was founded in April 2015 on the belief that families affected by the diagnosis of childhood cancer often have to sacrifice normality to care for their child. Stories told by many families of property loss, personal struggles and heartache ignited the creation of the Chris Hope Foundation. Support, understanding and a sincere friend are the things these families need. If we can lift one financial burden, hold a fearful parent's hand or place a smile on a tearful child's face, maybe we can restore a tiny piece of joy and HOPE into their lives. CHF works diligently to meet these essential needs. Family testimonies and partnerships with four leading children's hospitals and cancer centers, CHF has developed a continuum of direct assistance programs and support initiatives. The support programs at CHF are designed in direct response to the needs and resource-finding challenges experienced by families following a pediatric cancer diagnosis.

The Chris Hope Foundation is dedicated to touching lives, empowering families, and advocating for pediatric cancers. From providing educational tools and fun-filled activities, to alleviating financial burdens, it is our mission to serve those facing the greatest fight of their life.

Our purpose is to assist families facing financial hardship, provide specific needs and assist in activities that enhance their quality of life. Families with children battling this disease are also battling with supporting their family due to loss of income, vehicles and homes. Our hope is to assist them by helping in any way we can. In addition, we are dedicated to provide various events and 
activities to create joy, happiness, laughter and a sense of normalcy during such trying times.